Zero Project Conference 2020: Accessibility User Guide

This guide is designed to help all participants understand and use the accessibility features at this year’s Zero Project Conference. It outlines what is available and where and how participants can access it. It is both for participants coming to the Conference for the first time and for returning participants.

You can use this guide to help you prepare for the Conference, and also during your time with us. It should be used alongside the agenda and the Conference app to provide you with more information on the accessibility features listed in each session. It also provides information about how to contact the Zero Project team before and during the Conference about any additional support needs.

We have worked with one of our expert partners to develop an easy-language version of the accessibility user guide in Level A2 English, so that all participants have information about accessibility at the Conference. This is available on the Conference website:

Preparing for the Conference

User guide and video on accessibility features

To help participants prepare for the Conference, all accessibility features provided are listed on the Conference website. This Accessibility User Guide is also available for download as an accessible MS Word document. Hard copies of this guide will be available at the registration desk at the Conference.

There is an accessible video, with International Sign and captioning, that gives you an overview of the key accessibility features at the Conference. This is available at

There will also be a session on the opening morning of the Conference to introduce participants to the accessibility features available.

Easy Language Guide to the Conference

In cooperation with one of our expert partners, we have produced a guide to the Conference in easy language (Level A2 English). This covers information on getting to the venue, registering and checking in for the Conference and other practical information. It also includes an easy-language version of the “Accessibility User Guide” and a Conference overview with easy-language summaries of the session.

The guide is available on the website and each section can also be downloaded as an accessible MS Word document. Please go to the “Easy Language” section of the Conference website:

2020 Zero Project Report as an accessible PDF

The 2020 Zero Project Report on Education is available as an accessible PDF. You can download the report from the main Zero Project website:

Getting to the Conference

To help you plan your visit, please see the “How to get to the Conference venue” section of the Conference website: This includes information on accessible transfers to and from the airport, accessible public transport, and other relevant information.

Orientation at the Conference venue

Once you arrive at the venue, you will need to go through a security check before heading to the building where the Conference is being held. Further information can be found in the “How to register and check-in for the Conference” section of the Conference website, at:

Tactile flooring

Once you are in the Conference venue (M building), tactile flooring will aid navigation to all three conference rooms, exhibition areas, catering areas, restrooms, and other key spaces.

Large print signs and floor plans

Signs to navigate the Conference venue are printed in large print, and large print floor plans are available to view within the Conference venue.

Speech codes

Speech codes will be available to give information about the agenda and accessible restrooms in an audio format. These data codes can be scanned by a smartphone, and you can then display the text on the screen/have it read aloud to you using text-to-speech technology. You can collect the speech codes from the registration desk and from the Speech Code booth at the exhibition (Booth number 9). To use these speech codes, please download the Speech Code app, available free from the App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android).

Accessible restrooms

Accessible restrooms are located on the ground floor and first floor of the Conference venue. Please check the floor plans in the venue, or use the speech codes for more information.

Sensory break area

If at any time you need a break from the noise and activity of the Conference, we will have a designated room that is quiet for you to use. This room will be clearly marked on Conference maps, or you can ask for directions at the registration desk. Please note this is not a room for meetings or personal phone calls.

Individual support

Volunteers are available to act as a ‘buddy’ to individual participants throughout the Conference. Ask for them at the registration desk or in advance by e-mail:

International Sign at the meeting area

We will have a dedicated meeting area at the Conference, on the ground floor and open from 11:00 – 15:00 every day. International Sign support will be available at the following times:

Wednesday – 13:00 – 14:30
Thursday – 13:30 – 15:00
Friday – 12:30 – 13:30

Accessibility features in the Conference sessions

The accessibility features available in each Conference session are marked in the full agenda online. The accessibility features are also marked with symbols in the “Agenda at a Glance”, which will be available in your Conference bags.

The accessibility features in each session can also be found in the Zero Project Conference 2020 App, available free from the App Store (IOS) and Google Play (Android). Please note, the most up to date information will be available online and on the App. You can also check at the reception desk if you have any questions.

Presentations available before the Conference

If you would like to use your laptops or other assistive technology to follow the presentations in the sessions, you can find them online before and during the Conference at (coming soon). There may be some presentations we cannot share for technical or other reasons, but this will be clearly indicated online.

Live webstream with captioning and International Sign

If at any point you would like to take a break from the main conference rooms, you can continue to watch all the sessions in the main conference room (M1) streamed live on the main Zero Project website: The live stream includes captioning and International Sign.

Live captioning

Sessions in all three conference rooms (M1, M2, and M3) are captioned in English on large screens at the front of the room.


You can use the Speechgear platform to access captioning in languages other than English on your mobile phone, laptop or tablet in all three Conference rooms. To access the Speechgear platform and set up your own personal captioning room, please use this weblink: You will need to fill out a form to register and will be sent further instructions on how to use the software via email.

International Sign

International Sign interpreters will cover all sessions in the main conference room (M1) and other selected sessions in M2 and M3. The International Sign interpreters will stand on the right-hand side of the podium at the front of the room and will be visible on screens in all the conference rooms.

Live audio description of videos

Live audio description is available for all videos submitted to the Zero Project team prior to the Conference. Individual headsets are available in M1, M2, and M3. The channel needed to access audio description will be Channel 1 in all three conference rooms.

Graphic facilitation

Some sessions will have a graphic facilitator present to produce visual summaries of the presentations. The graphic facilitator will work at the front of the room and summarise what they have drawn at the end of the presentations. The graphics from the sessions will also be available to view online after the Conference, with alternative text.

Amplification of speakers on stage

Individual headsets are available at every seat in conference rooms M1, M2, and M3 and can be used to amplify the speakers on stage. The channel needed to access this feature will be indicated in the conference rooms.

Portable induction loops

Twenty portable induction loops are available at the registration desk on request. You will have to hand in a piece of personal ID as a deposit. The registration desk is located at the entrance to the M building.

Participation and self-representatives

In four of the sessions at this year’s Conference, the Zero Project will again be offering additional accessibility features to increase accessibility for participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities, in collaboration with our expert partners. These four sessions are all marked in the agenda. For these sessions, there will be videos available online ahead of the session to help people prepare, and additional features within the sessions to increase participation. The Chairs in these sessions will be offered additional briefing and support. The following sessions will have these additional features:

  • Tools to support communication: Wednesday 19th, 15:40–17:00, M1
  • Making higher education programmes accessible for people with intellectual disabilities: Thursday 20th, 10:25–11:35, M1
  • Vocational studies in higher education settings for people with intellectual disabilities: Thursday 20th, 13:35–14:45, M1
  • Vocational training programmes for people with intellectual disabilities: Friday 21st, 10:40–12:00, M1

Videos of presentations available before sessions

Videos of the presentations in these four sessions, including captions and audio, will be available online before the Conference. The presentations can be viewed in advance to support participants to prepare for the sessions and work out questions and comments beforehand.

Live easy-language summaries

In the ‘Making higher education programmes accessible for people with intellectual disabilities’ session on Thursday 2oth February, live easy-language summaries of the presentations will be provided through the individual headsets available in M1.

Graphic facilitation and moderation

A graphic facilitator will work with the Chair to provide visual summaries of the session. The graphic facilitator will give a short summary after each presentation and, together with the Chair, will moderate the discussion at the end of the session.

Further support

If you require further support, please let the Zero Project team know, and we will do our best to accommodate any additional requests. You can contact us:

At the Conference: The Zero Project registration desk is located at the entrance to the M building and will be staffed throughout the Conference.

Via email: The Zero Project office email address can also be used to request support in the lead up to the Conference:

Your feedback

We are always trying to improve the accessibility of the Zero Project Conference. We will be asking for feedback on all the accessibility features at the 2020 Zero Project Conference, so please let us know what worked well and what needs to be improved.