Videos of presentations for participatory sessions at #ZeroCon19

This year, we are providing accessible YouTube videos with voiceover of selected conference sessions before the Conference itself. This is to aid participants in understanding some information about these sessions in advance of attending the Conference sessions. Below is a list of Sessions and links to the YouTube playlists where the videos are saved.

Wednesday 20th February 2019

Self-representatives influencing policy making

For a barrier-free world,
it is very important that people with disabilities
have a say in politics.

In this session, we talk about different ways
on how people with disabilities
can take influence in politics.

For example through

  • training programmes for people with disabilities,
    who represent people with disabilities,
  • work with people who make laws and
  • collecting and using important data.

Supported decision-making and personal budgets

This session is about ways
how to help people with disabilities
to make their own decisions
when it comes to care and support
and their financing.

For example, through

  • training in how to make good decisions,
  • personal assistance and
  • personal advisors

Thursday 21st February 2019

Inclusive voter information

This session is about information on politics and voting
for persons with intellectual disabilities.
For example:

  • easy-read voting guides
  • study groups
  • inclusive communication campaigns.

Supporting the rights of women with disabilities

This session is about ideas and methods,
how to strengthen and promote
the rights of women with disabilities.

For example through

  • training on sexual rights
    and the right to give birth and have children,
  • housing models for traumatized women
  • and programmes to teach women
    how to lead.