How to get to the Conference venue, in easy language

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The conference takes place
at the Vienna International Centre.

The address is:

Vienna International Centre (VIC)
Wagramer Strasse 5
1400 Vienna

How to get from Vienna Airport
to the Vienna International Centre (VIC) by bus

The easiest way to get
from the airport to the VIC
is to take the bus.

The bus Line is “Postbus 1183”
and it runs every hour.
For the bus timetable
please click here.

The duration of the journey
is about 40 minutes.

You can get on the bus at the stop
“Flughafen Wien/Vienna Airport”
and get off at the stop
“Kaisermühlen VIC”.

The last bus from the airport to the VIC
leaves at 8:10 pm.
The last bus from the VIC to the airport
leaves at 7:10 pm.

You can buy tickets
directly on the bus.
A one-way-ticket is 8 Euro and
a return ticket is 13 Euro.

How to get from Vienna Airport
to other destinations in Vienna by bus

There are three Vienna Airport Lines,
which connect the airport
with important transport hubs like

• “Hauptbahnhof“,
• „Wien Westbahnhof“ and
• „Wien Meidling“ railway station.

The buses also go to the city centre
and all of Vienna’s underground railway lines.

The buses to the city centre
run 24 hours a day.

How to get from Vienna Airport
to the Vienna International Centre (VIC) by train

The S-Bahn is the cheapest way
to travel from Vienna airport
to the Vienna City Center.
The ticket costs 4.40 Euro.
You can find ticket machines
on the platforms at the airport
and at every station.

You have to take the Line “S7”
to the station “Wien-Praterstern”.
This is the closest station to the VIC
that you can reach with the Line “S7”.

“Wien-Praterstern” is directly connected
to the VIC by the underground line “U1”.

You can find a detailed timetable

There is also a high-speed train
from Vienna Airport
to the city center “Wien Mitte” and back.

The train is called
City Airport train (CAT).

The City Airport Train operates daily
from 05.36 a.m. to 23.36 p.m.

A single ticket costs 11 Euro and
a single and return ticket costs 19 Euro.

You can buy tickets at ticket machines
or in the Arrival Hall.

How to get from the main railway station
to the Vienna International Centre by underground train
The fastest way
to get from the main railway station “Hauptbahnhof”
to the VIC is using the underground line “U1”.

Enter the U1
at the main station’s stop “Südtirolerplatz/Hauptbahnhof”.
This stop is in the same building
as the main railway station.
Take the U1 to the station
“Kaisermühlen/Vienna International Centre”.

Below you can see a map
of the Vienna Underground System.

Map of the Vienna U-Bahn

How to get from the U1-Station
“Kaisermühlen/Vienna International Centre”
to the Vienna International Centre

After you arrive at the stop “Kaisermühlen/VIC”
follow the signs for the exit
“Vienna International Centre”.

If you want to use the elevator,
you have to use a different exit.
Follow the signs for “Donau-City-Straße”.
Take the elevator downstairs,
turn left and take the path
alongside the station building.

The map below shows you
the way from the station
to the VIC.

Map of the Kaisermuehlen VIC station

Map kindly provided by Wiener Linien

How to get around Vienna
using the Underground, Buses and Trams

The underground system is the quickest
and most barrier-free way
of public transportation.

For more information on the accessibility
of underground stations please check
or contact us at

You can find information
on ticketing and prices here.

It is recommended to buy single tickets
or short time passes.
A day-ticket costs 5,80 Euro
and a 24-hours ticket costs 8 Euro.

You can also buy
tickets in advance here.

Trips can be planned here
or by using Google Maps.

How to get from the Vienna Airport
to the Vienna International Centre by taxi or Uber

When you take a taxi or Uber
the destination is
“Vienna International Centre” or “UNO-City”.
Taxi drivers are advised
to stop at the side-lane of “Wagramer Strasse”
next to the VIC.

If you pre-order the taxi in advance
the price from the airport to the VIC
will be between 30 and 35 Euro.

If you take a taxi without pre-ordering
the price can be more than 50 Euro.

The price for an Uber from the airport
to the VIC is usually between 25 and 35 Euro.

You can ask for fixed prices
and make taxi reservations here:
• 0043 1 60 160
• 0043 1 40 100
• 0043 1 31 300

Barrier-free shuttle service

Zero Project offers a barrier-free shuttle service
for people with mobility problems.

The shuttle service picks you up at the airport
and brings you to your hotel and back.

The shuttle service can also bring you
from the conference areal to the airport
after the conference has ended.

If you want to use the shuttle service,
you have to make a request
during your online registration.

If you did not make a request during the registration
and would like to use the shuttle service,
please contact Ms Eva Maikisch

The pickup time at the VIC
is 3 hours before your flight departure.

When you leave for the airport
directly from the VIC,
your luggage has to be
at the VIC already.

Other shuttle services

If you want to use other
barrier-free shuttle services during your stay,
it is recommended to use “Blaguss Minibus Services”.
Please book the service
4 work days in advance.

The costs for this shuttle service
are not covered by the Zero Project.

You can contact Blaguss Minibus Service under:

Blaguss-Minibus-Service GmbH
Tel. 0043 1 61 070 0
Fax: 0043 1 61 070 700

Arriving at the Vienna International Centre
by car or car-sharing

There are no parking spaces
for conference participants
within the VIC.
Except for Permanent Mission delegates,
who have a valid VIC parking permit.

Other participants have to park their car
on Wagramer Strasse or in public parking garages.
Car owners have to pay for their own parking.

Parking space is normally available
on Wagramer Strasse.
But the whole area
is a short-term parking zone.
It means that the maximum parking time is 3 hours.

You also have to use prepaid tickets.
You can buy prepaid tickets
in stores, tobacconists or
with the mobile App “HANDY Parken”.

There are several parking garages
in walking distance.
You can find them
The prices are between
2,80 and 3,50 euros per hour.

For cheaper parking, you can also use
one of the park-and-ride facilities nearby.
You can find park-and-ride facilities under

The car sharing services
“DriveNow” and “Car4You”
are also available in Vienna.

Below you can see a map
with possible parking spaces.

Map of car parks near the conference venue

Accessibility information about Vienna

The city of Vienna has a website
about accessibility in Vienna,
which can help you getting around.
The website is