How to enter the Conference venue, in easy language

You can download a Word version of this document here

Registration form

In order to participate
at the Zero Project Conference,
you have to fill in
the Zero Project Conference registration form.

This also applies to staff and relatives.

You have to complete the registration
by February 7th, 2020 at 5 pm.

Shortly before the conference
you will get an email from the UN office.
The email will contain a link,
which you must use
to upload a picture of you.
The picture is used
for your personal UN access badge.

The UN access badge allows you
to enter the Vienna International Center
on the days of the Conference.

Please contact us under the mail address
if you did not get this email
by Monday, February 17th, 2020.

Where to enter the UN building

Every participant needs
a UN access badge.
This also includes
• assistants,
• staff,
• children and other relatives.

To get your UN access badge,
you have to go to Gate 1,
pass the security check and then
go to the UN Office.

The UN Office is right behind
the security check.

You can get the UN access badge
from Monday, February 17th onwards.
Gate 1 will be open all week
from 8 am to 4 pm.

Please bring an identification document with you.
For example your passport or your driver’s license.

Please note, that it can take you
about 30 to 45 minutes
to get the UN access badge.

With the UN access badge,
you get access to the Vienna International Centre
for the duration of the conference.

Please wear your badge at all times.

Please contact the registration desk immediately
if you lose your badge.

Registration for the Conference

After your arrival, please go straight
to the registration desk.
The registration desk is located
at the entrance of the M-building.

At the registration desk,
you will get your name tag and
your welcome bag.

The staff at the registration desk will help you
with any requests you might have
during the whole conference.

Orientation at the Conference area

Map of the conference venue and surroundings

After you pass through the security check,
you can find the M-Building
on the left side of the square.

Below you can see a map,
which shows the way to the M-Building.

Orientation map of the UN to the conference building

The registration desk is located
directly on the left side
of the entrance of the M-Building.

The wardrobe is located
behind the escalators.

Most of the conference rooms
are on the first floor.
Barrier-free elevators
are across from the registration desk.

The barrier-free restrooms
are behind the elevators,
next to the wardrobe.

Below you can see a map
of the ground floor
to help you find your way.

Map of M building. Info desk immediately on the left.

There is a tactile guiding system
on the floor inside the M-Building
to support people who are blind
or visually impaired.
There will also be volunteers
to help with orientation.

All three conference rooms
are on the first floor
of the M-Building.

The exhibition area
is also on the first floor

The entrances to the conference room M2
and the main plenary room M1
are next to the exhibition area.

The entrance to the third conference room M3
is on the opposite side of the room.

There are barrier-free restrooms
next to the conference rooms M2 and M3.

Below you can see a map
of the first floor
to help you find your way.

Map of the first floor of the M-Building