Zero Project Conference 2021 – Channel 3 Detailed schedule Friday 12th Febraury

Start Date Format Start Time  Title Description Accesibility Features
2/12 Partner Channel 09:00 – 10:00 Discovering Hands on the path to internationalisation Discovering Hands is a social enterprise that uses the sense of touch of visually impaired women in the early detection of breast cancer. Through a training tailor-made to their needs, a marginalized target group is empowered and, for the first time, acknowledged by society for their specific talent. The work as a Medical Tactile Examiner enables blind people access to the field of healthcare professions which is generally reserved for sighted people. After successful implementation in Germany and Austria, the social enterprise aims to spread the method internationally. Currently, the implementation process is ongoing in India, Colombia, Mexico and Switzerland.
2/12 Partner Channel 10:00 – 11:00 IRISBOND In & In: Towards a more Inclusive and Innovative workplace This session is organized by IRISBOND of Spain, a tech start-up. It shows how to design and transform workplaces into more inclusive and accessible and not only for persons with disabilities, supporting them efficiently by the provision of technology and tools that allow them to work – but create safer and more efficient working environments for all employees.
2/12 Partner Channel 11:00 – 12:00 David Banes: Accommodations on mobile devices – options and trends The session, organized by David Banes – Access and Inclusion (UK), is an expanded interactive roundtable. The first half examines how mobile technologies provide workplace accommodations for disabled people. These include integrated technologies within devices and additional options that enhance functionality. Prior to the session, the audience will be able to submit mini case studies of experience to enhance the presentations. Following this, emerging technologies are examined that further promote inclusion on mobile devices such as AI, wearables, Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality.
2/12 Partner Channel 12:00 – 13:00 Perspektiva: Mentorship is the collaboration that could lead to success This session, organized by Disability People’s Organization Perspektiva (Russia), will feature presentations by members of the business community and business networks from Russia, Spain, the United States and UK, together with their DPO partners. Speakers will share their projects/best practices developing and implementing collaborative efforts that aim to improve employment opportunities for youth with disabilities. It includes online mentorship, internships, online project development, etc. and other creative methods (above all online) that business and DPOs have developed and used to prepare youth with disabilities for their future careers.
2/12 Partner Channel 13:00 – 14:00 Fulbright Europe: Improving Access to International Mobility through ICT International study for research experience is considered an asset on a person’s Curriculum Vitae and significantly increases someone’s employability. Statistics show, however, that mobility programs tend to attract very particular demographics of students: they primarily attract students who 1) can afford to go abroad and 2) don’t need special accommodations to be able to participate in these programs. This session is organized by Fulbright Europe, the international student program, and shows how ICT can be utilized to make international mobility more inclusive and accessible.
2/12 Partner Channel 14:00 – 15:00 The Living Link: Employment & Intellectually Disabled Young Adults Supported Employment – What does it really mean? This session, organized by The Living Link of South Africa, will examine how the supported employment model is used after job sampling and training.
2/12 Communities 15:00 – 16:00 Employment Opportunities for Persons With Intellectual Disabilities This session will explore disability management in organizations, focusing on education of staff (human resources areas, supervisors, immediate work teams), workplace accommodations, and effective case management, as well as, developing partnerships between employers and local employment agencies, educational institutions, skill training programmes, and social enterprises to build a network of actors working to promote the employment of persons with intellectual disabilities.
2/12 Partner Channel 16:00 – 17:00 Inclusion International: How to ensure CRPD-Compliance in employment programming Inclusion International recently released a report on the exclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in Official Development Assistance (ODA) using OECD-DAC-CRS data. This report found that people with intellectual disabilities are only included in 0.02% of ODA. It also found that much of the programming that does include people with intellectual disabilities does not comply with the CRPD – including 36% of livelihoods/employment programming. This session will build on that CRPD compliance in livelihoods data, and will present a practical how-to for governments, civil society and businesses to ensure that their employment work is in line with the CRPD and with human rights.
2/12 Partner Channel 17:00 – 18:00 Frances West Co: Up- and Re-skill through technology, regardless of age or ability This panel discussion, organized by the US-based consultancy Frances West Co, brings together world-leading experts to discuss the importance of using technology to upskill and reskill people who are aging and with disabilities.  The discussion will move beyond hiring but to focus on the agile thinking, skill growth and career sustainability in a highly unpredictable and disruptive physical and digital environments.  The emphasis will be on what kind of new workplace thinking, strategy and technology design and solutions will be needed to ensure that people who are aging and/or with disabilities not just have a job but can thrive in the new economy where digital technology will underpin.
2/12 Highlight 18:00 – 19:00 Closing Ceremony of the Zero Project Conference 2021, with Keynote Speaker Wolfgang Sobotka (Austrian Parliament) Join #ZeroCon21 finally to recap the highlights of this year´s Confernce and at the same time look into the coming year – underlining the new annual topic and focus of accessibility, as well as share some exciting announcements from Zero Project partners! Keynote Speaker: Wolfgang Sobotka, President of the Austrian Parliament International Sign Language