Conference Sessions on Friday 21st February – Easy language descriptions


Room M1


09:30 Welcome by Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey is the moderator
of the Zero Project Conference.
She will welcome everyone
to Day 3 of the Conference.

09:40 Women and leadership

This session is a moderated discussion.
Different experts talk
about women in leadership positions
in the disability sector.

10:40 Job training programmes for people with intellectual disabilities

This session presents different programmes
to support people with intellectual disabilities.
They should gain skills to get a job.

12:10 Online support for persons with disabilities and their families

Organisations present
the online information they have
for people with disabilities and their families.
For example guides to assistive technologies
and information offers
that other persons with disabilities made.

13:30 Training programmes for teachers

This session presents
different training programmes for teachers.
They learn how to make
inclusive education work.

14:40 Online education

This session presents different online solutions
for access to education.
For example online libraries
and learning platforms.

16:00 Final Session

People who won the Zero Project Award these past years
talk about their projects.
They share tips and their experiences.

16:45 Closing remarks and the look ahead

The Zero Project Conference 2020 ends.
There is a final speech
and a look ahead to the next Zero Project.

Room M2


10:50 Youth Forum

Youth leaders, youth organisations
and inclusive schools share their experiences.
They discuss best practices,
share concepts and tools for inclusive education.

14:00 Inclusive education in Africa

People present successful programmes
for inclusive education in different African countries.
After the presentations,
there is a discussion on the difficulties
and opportunities of these programmes.

Room M3


10:50 Inclusive education systems in poorer countries

People from governments
and from different organisations
discuss ways to improve the system.
They want to improve
inclusive education in poorer countries.

12:30 Inclusive education in South Asia

Organisations and policy-makers
from countries in South Asia
present their new ways
to make education more inclusive.

14:20 Training for professional groups

This session is about education programmes
for professional groups.
They should learn about accessibility
and awareness of different disabilities.